Sunday, 15 January 2012

Don't hold back!

    I got a lot of negative criticism for last sunday's drawing on my blog. I'm not trying to blaspheme. I'm just pointing out that if you have these religious images floating around in your mind then they are cross pollinating with other images floating in your mind too.
    How could they not?
    There's also a lot of unintentionally erotic Christian art and music. We can't help it because we're humans. That's the way we are!
    The drawing above is only a copy drawing of a reproduction of a Catholic painting made for one of those little cards they print. It was reprinted in the sleeves of a Nick Cave album. 
    I love those cards!
    I believe that to be a 'whole' artist is to have an great variety of images pulled out of every pocket of your life experience. It has to reflect all aspects of life. 
    There can't be any fear of embarrassment.
    There can't be any repression. 

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