Friday, 23 December 2011

Choose your path very carefully

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    Years ago I was tattooing this design from one of my sketchbooks
onto a friend's arm. I was fine with tattooing the image onto him but
I didn't feel right about branding him with the words.
    I never invented these words. They have a history as do all proverbs and aphorisms. An image often has several layers of meaning but these words were very specific.
    I knew his girlfriend a little. She was such a sweet-hearted girl.
He really lucked out with her.
    I couldn't...
    I tattooed the devils on him but left the scroll empty.
    No mercy...born to lose... Should a tattooist be telling people
what they should or shouldn't put on their own skin?
    I have this awful habit of thinking things to death
and that's what I did to my tattooing career.

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