Monday, 19 December 2011

Ontario study finds that fewer children are enjoying reading

   With our obsession for high test scores and empirical methods of measuring 
success, we're taking the enjoyment out of education. My kids have too much 
homework! Even if they know the information and lesson already they're 
expected to complete it. 
   My son has a new interest every few months and I think that's valuable too. 
He doesn't have the time to explore them properly because he has to regurgitate
lessons that he's already finished digesting.
   With the pressures of global competition our schools are pressuring the kids 
too much. We don't want to create little robots. We want innovators! 
Most importantly, we want them to grow up and be capable of enjoying 
this wonderful world.
It's happening all over but here's the study I'm referring to:

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