Monday, 30 January 2012

My Facebook Nightmare:

    I was looking at Jane’s  status update. She often posts photos of animals. I once shared a photo of a squirrel that went over well, I think. This time she posted a photo of George, my golden retriever.
    I wrote as a comment, "just wondering Jane, how did you get this photo of George?"
I clicked on the photo and I was instantly in my backyard at nighttime patting George on the head. There was a party inside the house but George and I were in the back alone. Karin and the kids were at my in-laws’ place in Ontario.
A photo of George licking my face was up on the screen and a new 'like' was coming in every second.
    George and I were happily wrestling with each other, falling to the ground laughing  (the YouTube clip went viral)  when I saw a mean dog staring through the fence.
I came out with a really cool image of the dog with a bloody bone in his mouth and leaning over a hole with a bloody human skeleton in it.
I posted it but nobody liked it.
    I clicked on the image and it showed a clip of the dog running to our house. The image stopped with a daytime still of our backyard. There was a screaming sound.
This was on my wall. Someone commented, "George is in the basement."
I clicked on the image and I was in our backyard. George wasn't to be seen. I still heard the screaming. 
    I grabbed a machete out of the garden supply box and walked into the house. The sunlight made a high contrast effect on the slaughtered bodies. Nobody was 'liking' it but the comments wouldn't stop. The bodies[whose bodies? Not sure which bodies…] were all cut up as if the mean dog used a knife... a machete!
    I looked at the machete in my hand. It was dripping with blood. I thought, "It must be the machete that the dog used."
    I had been set up! The policemen were at the door. I could see their red and blue lights flashing through the windows.
    I ran  down to the basement and saw George's hacked up body and started crying.
    "Poor George, nothing will ever be the same without him now.
    Life just won't be good anymore," I thought.

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