Monday, 2 January 2012

Thomas Edison: A Highly Successful Career

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    Thomas Edison, the great genius inventor, business entrepreneur, total egomaniacal A-hole...You can say the same for Henry Ford and Steve Jobs too. They were supposed to be A-holes. Isn't it supposed to be the exception when someone has an amazingly successful career and they're not an A-hole?
    I'm going to have to reinvent myself for success in 2012 and embrace my inner A-hole. I'll watch my meagre floor-licking career sky rocket in 2012: the last year, the year to end all years, (that is if those people that were living in that commune in California in the 1970s were right about the future of the planet).
    Success is all about confidence. That's all.
    I should get up and walk the streets like I own the city! I can be A-hole #1!
Success is 1% inspiration and 99% anal sweat! This world wouldn't even be here if I never shit it out in the first place! Anything I want is there for the grabbing!
    Unfortunately I can't.
    It conflicts with my New Year's resolution to embrace my Canadian identity more fully by apologizing to people that bump into me.

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